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Thyreophagus berxi, a mite species new to science discovered in Belgium

Thyreophagus berxi is a new mite species, discovered in Belgium. The species is described together with four other new Thyreophagus species. Members of BINCO's mite workgroup co-authored the article.

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Klimov PB, Kolesnikov VB, Demard EP, Stinson CS, Merckx J, Duarte MV, Pedroso LGA, Khaustov AA, Myers-Hansen JL, Wäkers FL & Vangansbeke D 2023. Going Asexual: A Survey of Mites of the Genus Thyreophagus (Acari: Acaridae) Revealing a Large Number of New Parthenogenetic Species in the Holarctic RegionLife, vol. 13, doi: 10.3390/life13112168.


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