BINCO describes a new species of opilionid

In 2008 BINCO carried out a biodiversity survey of the inselberg ‘Savanna Roche Virginie’ in French Guiana. We discovered several invertebrate species new to science. One of the species we describe is a cypthothalmid, a small litter inhabiting harvestmen.
Cyphothalmids are often overlooked in biodiversity surveys due to their small size, cryptic mode of life and general resemblance to mites. The new species is named Neogovea virginie after the unique site where it was found and where many other species remain to be discovered. You can find the description here.

Critically endangered spider found in ‘Haachts broek’

Last summer we discovered an endangered spider In the ‘Haachts broek’ in Haacht . The spider has been named Drassyllus praeficus. This spider belongs to the family of the hunting ground spiders. Most members of this family are benthic creatures and the run at a tremendous speed, you can often see them running between stones and clods of earth. Usually they hide during the day under all kinds of material and they hunt at night. To identify the spiders we work together with the people of ARABEL, the Belgian Society for Arachnology.

The winners of our photo contest

The winners of our ‘In het oog, in het hart’ photo contest are known. Our jury selected three stunning pictures, submitted by Boris Godfroid and Wim Smets. The winning photos are displayed at the Zoological Museum in Leuven or can be accessed through this link. We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their high quality entries.

BINCO launches photo project ‘In het oog, in het hart’

To raise awareness about the current biodiversity crisis, we compiled sets of pictures of endangered species in Belgium. We are showing these pictures at selected public locations in Leuven to show the beauty of natural diversity and the necessity to act promptly to stop the decline of biodiversity.

Visit the project website: [website discontinued]

BINCO party coming up!

Yes, it’s true. A new edition of our great party! Shake your booty on Wednesday 14 October 2009 and support BINCO. Place to be: Rumba, Leuven. Don’t miss it!

Tickets are 4€ both at the door and in pre-sale. Buy your pre-sale tickets now from someone of the BINCO crew. If you can’t make it, consider buying a ticket just for supporting us. We greatly appreciate any contributions!

BINCO report ‘Het Schoonbroek’ online

In 2007 BINCO performed a biodiversity inventory study in ‘het Schoonbroek’ in Haacht, Belgium. The report of this study is available online. 40_Hyperlink-512 [dutch only]

A successful expedition in French Guiana

Three weeks ago BINCO returned from an exciting expedition at Savane-Roche Virginie in the rainforest of French Guiana. We collected a huge amount of data and we are now compiling a detailed report on the biodiversity of this remarkable but threatened spot. For more information see our updated project page.

We want to thank all those kind people in French Guiana that helped us during this project! We are also grateful to all the volunteers and party people that made our party a success. Special thanks goes to the Van Eeden Fonds for their support.

We are planning to compile a documentary with the images we shot during this expedition. However, this will take some time.

BINCO orchid video

BINCO visited the wonderful Viroinvallei to search for orchids.