BINCO Supports Jambiani

BINCO aims to support biological education in Zanzibar. In 2012, we visited schools in the South Region to see what contributions our organisation could make. After discussion with local teachers and directors, we decided to collect our own didactic material in Belgium. Special thanks to Herwig Schroijen and Magda Verbiest of Primary school “De Graankorrel”, Blauberg (Herselt) who were responsible for most of this years’ collection. Over the past year, a water tower has been built in Jambiani to provide the biology and chemistry labs with running water. The water tank and the construction of the tower were financially supported with the revenue of our annual BINCO Quiz. This is a small, yet important step to support an improvement in education with a focus on ecology and biodiversity in Zanzibar. It is possible that this project will continue to grow under the working title ‘Educate for Life”.

This project plays a part in a long-term collaboration between the school in Jambiani and the Belgian non-profit “Vrienden van Jambiani”. This organisation also supports a secondary school, local economic activities (including an agricultural cooperative), and a medical centre in the village. Over the past few years, they have also been supporting other secondary schools in the South Region.