Checklist of the leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from El Salvador

BINCO coordinated a digitisation project to construct a checklist for all currently known species of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) in El Salvador. The resulting paper will serve as a baseline for further research.

Distribution and identification of cereal leaf beetles in Flanders

BINCO collaborated with a study on the distribution and species diversity of cereal leaf beetles in Flanders. This knowledge can lead to more selective control strategies requiring less pesticides.

Book: Orchids of the Maltese Islands – a descriptive guide

This field guide covers all species of orchids currently known to occur on the Maltese Islands. In collaboration with Stephen Mifsud and Greenhouse Malta. The book is available online at larger field guide retailers.

Intensification of forest for coffee production affects mammals in Ethiopia

Large and medium-sized carnivores are the first to disappear as coffee forest management intensifies. Results of our camera trap study on mammal communities in the Belete-Gera forest, Ethiopia are published.

Digitization-identification pipeline accelerates museum collection management

Curating Natural History Museum collections includes cataloging all material and making the information available to scientists worldwide. This is a daunting task for the millions of invertebrates in collections.

New longhorn beetle from Cusuco National Park – Honduras

This charismatic new species of longhorn described by BINCO from montane forest in Cusuco National Park (Honduras) adds to the biological valorisation of the area. A small isolated mountain...

New publication: using compact cameras in digitization projects

In the scope of a digitization project at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, BINCO developed a new method to facilitate digitization of museum specimens. The new method is cheap and fast.

Two newly described spider species from Uganda and Madagascar

Two spider species new to science were discovered and described by BINCO under the supervision of African spider specialist Rudy Jocque. Their descriptions are published in the European journal of Taxonomy and Zootaxa.