Two newly described spider species from Uganda and Madagascar

Two spider species new to science were discovered and described by BINCO under the supervision of African spider specialist Rudy Jocque. Their descriptions are published in the European journal of Taxonomy and Zootaxa.

Why biological exploration is still needed in modern times

We are living in a world with a high demand for living space, a cost paid for by sacrificing parts of our natural capital. Natural ecosystems today are disappearing faster than ever before. Scientists simply do not have...

Start of the Njesi Plateau expedition – Mozambique

Yesterday an international BINCO expedition team left for the Njesi Plateau, one of highest inselbergs in northern Mozambique. To date, this inselberg remains virtually unexplored scientifically, little to no information on its biodiversity is available. This expedition will be the first

Sheka, Ethiopia, Biodiversity Express Survey – Report available

The biodiversity results of our second expedition to Southwest Ethiopia are published in our fifth Biodiversity Express Survey. The Sheka forest is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is one of the largest remaining forest fragments in the country.

Our new website

Continuously growing in members, collaborators and projects since 2008 we are proud to present the brand new BINCO website! Please have a look at our ongoing projects worldwide and lots more.

Open weekend at ‘the old sand quarry’ Korbeek-lo, Belgium

BINCO set up an information booth at the open weekend of 'the old sand quarry' project in Korbeek-lo (Belgium). The project aim is to transform the old sand quarry into a small nature reserve with high biodiversity.

A Malta nationwide Biodiversity Monitoring initiative – Opening workshop

BINCO, along with Friends of the Earth Malta, is opening a call for an ecological workshop in Malta from 21 till 27.09.2016. The workshop announces the start of a long-term biodiversity monitoring project on the island.

Sheka forest Ethiopia – update

The BINCO team, supported by Birdlife international and CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership fund), is again active in Ethiopia for a new project. Our work is based in Masha, a village within the Sheka UNESCO biosphere reserve, surrounded by large tracts of forest in the Southwest of Ethiopia.