A Malta nationwide Biodiversity Monitoring initiative – Opening workshop

BINCO, along with Friends of the Earth Malta, is opening a call for an ecological workshop in Malta from 21 till 27.09.2016. The workshop announces the start of a long-term biodiversity monitoring project on the island.

Sheka forest Ethiopia – update

The BINCO team, supported by Birdlife international and CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership fund), is again active in Ethiopia for a new project. Our work is based in Masha, a village within the Sheka UNESCO biosphere reserve, surrounded by large tracts of forest in the Southwest of Ethiopia.

Newly discovered populations of the Ethiopian endemic and endangered banana frog (Afrixalus clarkei)

As the natural forest cover in Ethiopia is already less than 3% of what it once has been, the banana frog species Afrixalus clarkei, dwelling exclusively in the remnants of the country’s southwestern forests in only two populations, is exposed to a great risk of extinction.

Sheka forest Ethiopia – A new BINCO project

In the beginning of 2016, we will be going to Sheka forest, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, where internationally, biodiversity knowledge is scarce. Supported by the CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) we plan to organize standardized biodiversity surveys together with local trainees. Our focus is on mammals, birds and amphibians and we hope that the gathered information can enhance the protection and management of the reserve.

BINCO Supports Jambiani

BINCO aims to support biological education in Zanzibar. In 2012, we visited schools in the South Region to see what contributions our organisation could make. After discussion with local teachers and directors, we decided to collect our own didactic material in Belgium.

Short note: Crested rat in Ethiopia

This elusive rodent has never before been recorded in Afromontane rainforest West of the Rift valley. In this short note, published in the African Journal of Ecology, we add our observation to its previously known distribution.

Article with recent findings of the shining guest ant in Flanders

Her presence often goes unnoticed because of the hidden lifestyle and small size. Observations of this species, along with a suggestion to revise the Red List status were brought together in this article (English abstract only) in the Bulletin of the Royal Belgian Entomological Society.

Belete-Gera, Ethiopia, Biodiversity Express Survey – Report available

The first results of our expedition to Southwest Ethiopia are published in our third Biodiversity Express Survey. This report will be updated with new information once it becomes available.