Schoonbroek – Haacht (Belgium)

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Biodiversity assessment ‘het Schoonbroek’

‘Het Schoonbroek’ is a patchwork of agricultural land, wasteland, and small patches of forest interwoven by ditches. It is part of Haacht, a small city close to Brussels. It is one of those typical but rare remaining green areas in this over-crowed part of Belgium. Currently ‘Het Schoonbroek‘ lacks protection. Luckily the local branch of Natuurpunt is planning to take action so that future generations will still benefit from this valuable ‘green island’. From January to September 2007 BINCO was monitoring this area in order to comply an inventory of all plants, birds, beetles, butterflies,… that live in this area. By doing so, we will be able to give advice on the conservation of the area’s biodiversity as well as identify parts that require immediate protection.

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