In the Media

Audubon: Scientists Race to Uncover the Secrets of Madagascar’s Treasure-Filled Forests
Summer 2019

The rediscovery of a long-lost duck spurred the creation of two protected areas in the country. Now researchers are scouring these spots for other endemic species before it’s too late. More details on the project page.

EOS: We will still find new species here
5 May 2019

(Dutch only) An article on the expedition to the Mekong river floodplains (Cambodia) in EOS; a popular science magazine. More details on the project page.

La Libre: Au fil du Mékong, trésor sous pression
13 April 2019

(French) An article on the expedition to the Mekong river floodplains (Cambodia) focusing on the danger of dams to surrounding ecosystems in La Libre. More details on the project page.

De Morgen: Belgians help protect unique nature in Cambodia
17 April 2019

(Dutch only) The article elaborates on the importance of the Mekong river floodplain with regards to biodiversity and local inhabitants. The research has helped establish 62.000ha of protected nature. “This nature equals Angkor Wat economically”

Cambridge Core: Intensifying natural forest for coffee production affects mammals in Ethiopia
6 December 2018

After publication of the results of our camera trap research in Oryx, a summarizing blogpost was published onto the ‘Cambridge Core’ blog.

WWF: Mission in the heart of an endangered paradise
26 October 2018

(Dutch only) Nine scientists conducted a biodiversity study in the Kratie province, Cambodia, along the riverbanks of the Mekong. Their main purpose was to find endangered animal species such as the hog deer to stimulate conservation efforts. A report of their research was published in the dutch edition of the WWF magazine.

Geographical: Islands in the Sky [The Njesi Plateau expedition]
May 2018

Jones S. (May 2018) Islands in the Sky [The Njesi Plateau expedition]. Geographical : 57-60.

De Standaard: The white wolf spider
10 October 2017

(Dutch only) Binco discovered a new species of wolf spider in northwestern Madagascar: Ocyale ghost. ‘De Standaard’ wrote a short article regarding its discovery and how it got its name (it refers to the large white direwolf ‘Ghost’ in Game of Thrones). The full species description, in English, can be read here.

London-NERC-dtp: A biological exploration into Mozambique’s ‘lost’ mountains

Jones S. (2017) The Njesi plateau expedition – a biological exploration into Mozambique’s ‘lost’ mountains. Conservation hopes up for the endangered banana frog restricted to Southwest Ethiopia
18 February 2016

Following our publication on the distribution of Afrixalus clarkei in SW Ethiopia, a short news report summarises our findings.

De Standaard: The wondrous findings of a Belgian biologist
6 June 2014

(Dutch only) News flash on the biodiversity revealed during an Express Survey in Pico Bonito NP, Honduras.

Het Nieuwsblad: Best nature photographs
5 December 2010

(Dutch only) We organised a photography competition to celebrate the year of biodiversity.

Het Nieuwsblad: Biodiversity in the picture
22 May 2010

(Dutch only) We mounted a photographic exhibition in public places in Leuven to draw attention towards lesser known biodiversity in Belgium.