Posters and talks

A selection of posters and talks of BINCO projects can be found on this page. They have been presented at symposia, workshops and conferences.


Using compact cameras in entomological digitisation projects
Symposium organized by the Royal Belgian Entomological SocietyRBINS, Belgium; 25-Nov-2017
Martijn Van Roie

Biodiversity in Niassa
Workshop – launch of the ACNN; Lichinga, Niassa, Mozambique; 12-Jul-2017
Merlijn Joqcue

Focus stacking in macro-photography
Workshop – Entomological symposium Royal Belgian Entomological SocietyRBINS, Belgium
Martijn Van Roie & Jan Mertens


Initiating a collaborative monitoring system to survey Maltese orchids
4th International Congress on Biodiversity, Unversity of Malta; 17-11 – 19-11-2017
Simone Cutajar, Thomas Sebrechts, Charles Bennett, Tiffany Scholier, Felien Festjens, Cedric Marsboom, Stephen Mifsud, Oliver Burdekin & Merlijn Jocque