Posters and talks

A selection of posters and talks of BINCO projects can be found on this page. They have been presented at symposia, workshops and conferences.


Conservation grounded in science
Symposium – Biodiversity Information Management Forum; Malawi
Ruben Foquet

Focus stacking in macro-photography
Workshop – Entomological symposium Royal Belgian Entomological SocietyRBINS, Belgium
Martijn Van Roie & Jan Mertens

Biodiversity in Niassa
Workshop – launch of the ACNN; Lichinga, Niassa, Mozambique
Merlijn Joqcue

Using compact cameras in entomological digitisation projects
Symposium organized by the Royal Belgian Entomological SocietyRBINS, Belgium

Martijn Van Roie


Initiating a collaborative monitoring system to survey Maltese orchids
4th International Congress on Biodiversity, Unversity of Malta; 17-11 – 19-11-2017
Simone Cutajar, Thomas Sebrechts, Charles Bennett, Tiffany Scholier, Felien Festjens, Cedric Marsboom, Stephen Mifsud, Oliver Burdekin & Merlijn Jocque